Nettab 2012 – Integrated Bio Search: Call for papers

Nettab 2012 – Integrated Bio Search

Call for papers

Wednesday 14 – Friday 16 November 2012

Como, Italy, EU

The data deluge of the current post-genomic era is providing scientists with potentially very valuable information, but it makes difficult to find and extract from the increasing available high-throughput data those information that are most reliable and most related to the biomedical questions to be answered. Such questions are increasingly complex and they often simultaneously regard many heterogeneous aspects of an organism and of its biomolecular entities. Several of these questions can be addressed only by comprehensively searching different types of data, which generally are distributed in many heterogeneous sources. Usually, scientists manually explore these data using the individual search services and tools available and they then struggle in combining intermediate results in order to find answers to their global questions.
Searching for data upon open and linked data and algorithmic sources has the potential of reshaping the scenario of current bioinformatics applications, going beyond the capabilities of conventional tools, Web services and search engines in solving search problems. Yet, it also presents new technological challenges. Solving data integration problems requires new solutions, including the use of universal URIs, efficient indexing, partial or approximate value matching, rank aggregation, continuous or push-based search, exploratory methods and context-aware paradigms, collaborative and social search and information retrieval approaches.
NETTAB 2012 will be focused on “Integrated Bio-Search”, which includes all aspects that relate to technologies, methods, architectures, systems and applications for searching, retrieving, integrating and analyzing data, information, knowledge, infrastructures, services and tools that are required to answer complex bio-medical-molecular questions.

We are looking for abstracts on all aspects of data integration search in biomedicine. These include methods, algorithms, tools, platforms and applications for syntactic and semantic management, integration, query, retrieval, and mining of biological and clinical data information and knowledge. The following list is not meant to be exclusive of any further topics as stated above

May, 2012: First Announcement and Call for Papers
July 23, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for Oral communications
September 30, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for Posters
October 16, 2012: Early registration deadline

Type of contributions
The following possible contributions are sought:
Oral communications
Software demos

All accepted contributions will be published in the Proceedings of the workshop.

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