New journal paper published on IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Our paper “Ontology-Based Prediction and Prioritization of Gene Functional Annotations“, which I wrote with Marco Masseroli, has been published in the leading journal IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (volume 13, issue 2).

This paper is part of a Section on Semantic-Based Approaches for Analysis of Biological Data of this issue of the IEEE/ACM TCBB journal.

Take a look to it!

Our paper accepted at ACM BCB 2014

I just got notified that our paper entitled “Deep Autoencoder Neural Networks for Gene Ontology Annotation Predictions” has been accepted for ACM BCB 2014, the 5th ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Health Informatics.

This article was written by me, Peter J. Sadowski and Pierre Baldi from University of California Irvine, and reports my project developed during my six month stay in the Orange County.

ACM BCB 2014 conference will be held in Newport Beach (Southern California, USA) in late September 2014. See you there!

BioLom2013, the first Lombardy Bioinformatics yearly meeting

For those of you who work or study in an university of the Lombardy region, in Italy (EU), I suggest you to participate BioLom2013, the first Lombardy yearly meeting of the bioinformatics community.

It will take place on Wednesday 27th November 2013 at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, EU.

The event is free, for further information and subscription, you can visit this webpage

Bits2011 – Bits 2011: Bioinformatics Italian Society annual meeting a Pisa, 20-22 giugno

Nella sezione conferenze,  segnaliamo oggi Bits 2011, la conferenza annuale della Societa’ Italiana di Bioinformatica, che si terra’ a Pisa (Toscana, Italia, EU), dal 20 al 22 giugno 2011.

Bits 2011 Bits2011 Call for papers

BITS2011 – Pisa – June 20-22, 2011,
Area della Ricerca del CNR

First announcement

The annual meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society will be held in Pisa, June 20-22, 2011.


Submitted contributions should address novel bioinformatics methods, algorithms, databases, tools and applications for research and development in one or more of the following domains:

  • Genomics
  • Molecular Evolution and Comparative Genomics
  • Protein structure and function
  • Proteomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Metagenomics
  • Systems Biology
  • Biological Databases and Biobanks
  • Algorithms for Bioinformatics
  • Biophysics and Synthetic Biology
  • Industrial Track

In addition to the usual topics of general pertinence in Bioinformatics, this meeting will cover two new areas:

  • Biophysics and Synthetic biology (as Structural biology and Origin of Life themes are in common between these disciplines and Bioinformatics)
  • Industrial track: in cooperation with Fondazione Toscana Life-Sciences, with the goal to have a parallel discussion of the possible industrial applications of the scientific subjects discussed during the sessions.

We stimulate industries not only to submit scientific contributions, that are welcome as usual, but to give short talks focused on their needs, goals and direction concerning bioinformatics, with particular emphasis at opening a dialogue with young researchers and Ph. D. students. A round table in the last congress day will collect a global assessment of how the industrial world sees the bioinformatics research.

Journal Special Issue

Selected abstracts will be invited to contribute in extended form to a special issue of BMC Bioinformatics Supplement devoted to BITS 2011.


Tutorial lectures on selected topics in Bioinformatics will be held at the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa on June 22nd in the afternoon (more details will be posted on the conference web site).

For more information